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             that crazy ballyhoo

                               DeOscarize THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH – BEST PICTURE 1952 – Cecil B. DeMille, Producer

Best Picture 1952

Best Picture 1952


Where anyone who really don’t deserve it just won’t preserve it, if they can’t shine in these times.

Cecil B. DeMille was an S.O.B. 

Cecil B. DeMille 1881 – 1959

Cecil B. DeMille
1881 – 1959

He was an S.O.B. at a time when his fellow Americans had become frightened to the point of paranoia by the so-called Communist Menace. These were what Lillian Hellman described as “Scoundrel Times”

Lillian Hellman 1905 – 1984

Lillian Hellman
1905 – 1984

and where S.O.B.’s like DeMille, thrived. Of course I’m speaking of the McCarthy era and the HUAC

House Unamerican Activities Committe 3 of these guys went. Another one of them should have.

House Unamerican Activities Committe
3 of these guys went to jail. Another one of them should have.

investigation into Communist infiltration of the film industry. A lot of good people lost their careers with even the slightest innuendo of sympathy with communism. Some people even committed suicide. No sympathy came from DeMille who headed a group of Hollywood big shots who were also right-wing, ultra-conservative s.o.b.’s actively hunting down communists, socialists, liberals, members of the ACLU and even the NAACP and their sympathizers. People in the film industry in 1952 were running scared. There are many books and documentaries that testify to that fact and so, it is my belief that this fear of DeMille and his ilk prompted the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to award his film The Greatest Show on Earth, Best Picture of 1952. I think they hoped that if they feed Cecil B. DeMille this extraordinary compliment from the community, he will leave them alone, for a while. It didn’t work, of course. He remained an S.O.B. albeit a less powerful one once John Ford

John Ford 1894 – 1973

John Ford
1894 – 1973

got through with him. So here it stands to this day, an injustice unrectified until now for I propose to DeOscarize The Greatest Show on Earth and give the Best Picture award to a more deserving film which I believe is among those nominated and/or snubbed by the Academy in 1952.  I have my own preference. What might yours be? GO TO Leave a Reply.  

Best Picture Nominees 1952

*The Greatest Show on Earth – BEST PICTURE 1952 – Cecil B. DeMille, Producer (Paramount) Greatest Show on Earth

*High Noon – Stanley Kramer, Producer (United Artists) High Noon

*Ivanhoe – Pandro S. Berman, Producer (MGM) Ivanhoe

*Moulin Rouge – John Huston, Producer (United Artists) moulin rouge

*The Quiet Man – John Ford & Merian C. Cooper, Producers (Republic) Quiet Man2


Snubbed by the Academy in 1952

Singin’ In The Rain – Arthur Freed, Producer (MGM) singin'

Limelight – Charles Chaplin, Producer (United Artists) limelight

Viva Zapata – Darryl F. Zanuck, Producer (20th Century Fox) viva

Your choice GO TO Leave a Reply

For me it’s a toss-up between The Quiet Man and Singin’ in the Rain. However, seeing as Singin’ in the Rain is the best movie musical ever made…..
So, until someone gives me a compelling reason against this decision, I hereby name:

SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN – NEW BEST PICTURE 1952  – Arthur Freed, Producer (MGM)



Singin' in the Rain Best Picture 1952 Arthur Freed, Producer

Singin’ in the Rain Best Picture 1952
Arthur Freed, Producer


Of course I can see where folks might think I’m wrong. I’m prepared to make my case for DeOscarizing The Greatest Show On Earth. Can you make the case to prevent it? Is there another picture that you would DeOscarize The Greatest Show On Earth for? Let’s discuss it.

Pick a year! Pick a category! Pick a Nominee! Name your own Nominee! It’s Your Choice! It’s Your Universe!

Enjoy! Discuss! Prevail!

This is my Website. My DeOscarize Website consists solely of this Webpage. Although it may not seems like much to you, let me assure you that it has the requisite originality to qualify it for copyright protection under USC § 204. Copy at your peril!


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